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About Me

since 2000

For over 23 years I have been helping both corporates and financial institutions to increase the effectiveness of their most valuable assets: their people.

In executive search & interim management I have placed specialists, directors and senior executives. I have also assisted with finding supervisors and alliance partners abroad. With thorough knowledge of (international) labor markets and a proven track record, I am a qualified and stable business partner.

In March 2023, WEHRY & COMPANY joined forces with NAVARRE Corporate Finance (, member of Terra Alliance, a global network of Corporate Finance advisors.

My approach

Custom-made is my approach to serving clients.

Tailoring my services allows me to craft solutions that are specifically designed for the situation or dilemma that clients face. I focus on understanding your necessities and offer personalized advice.

Thanks to my years of experience in recruitment and talent development, I can analyze your endeavor quickly and offer relevant suggestions that align solutions to your immediate needs.

In every organization there is dynamism, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. I address these aspects and always speak honestly about what I see or hear in the marketplace. I am your sounding board and to give you practical advice.

Words that suit me are empathy, creative, strategic, analytical, inspiring, and connecting. I put strategy into practice, support people, empower them, create a good atmosphere, and I am driven to achieve long-lasting results.

My conviction

I stand for connecting at all levels and achieving goals together. Teamwork is Dreamwork. I am very committed to the objectives of my clients and often feel co-responsible. I believe that learning from each other and developing skills leads to better performance and more job satisfaction.

I believe that senior candidates who are looking for new opportunities in the market should be helped. I take into consideration their personality and differentiating skills, and try to imagine where their skills could come to fruition elsewhere. I will discuss options with them and introduce them to clients where I see a cultural fit.

My Coaching

When developing high potentials or coaching leaders I try to asses their  authenticity. I apply the wise lessons from Dale Carnegie (“How to win friends and influence people”) and Jim Collins (“From good to great”) to produce mature and inspired leaders.

Dale Carnegie:

Teams that are enthusiastic, inspired, confident and empowered are significantly more likely to be fully committed to achieving organizational goals.

Leaders who can listen are able to foster a culture of engagement. They unlock the full power of your organization’s talent to drive better revenues, increase productivity, and reduce costs through resourceful workforce management.

Jim Collins:

“The people we interviewed from the good-to-great companies clearly loved what they were doing, largely because they loved who they were doing it with.”

Successful Leaders possess a unique combination of humility + conviction. They have the ability to transform an organization by mobilizing employees to sustain success long after they are gone. They are modest, shy and fearless and do not portray themselves as a wizard.

My Promise


I am loyal to the Dutch tradition of directness. I am honest if I cannot help a client or a  candidate. I will not color a situation, give false hope to candidates or accept an assignment that I cannot fulfill.


We can be reached at any time, even on Sunday or on holiday. Please feel free to contact me with questions, career advice, or to check market rumors. I am here to help you.


I am committed and motivated to build a long-term, healthy, and mutually beneficial relationship with you. I take your wishes into account and will revert to you when opportunities arise in the market place.

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