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Great People

Great people possess integrity, self-awareness, bravery, respect, compassion, and resilience. These are qualities that make a successful leader. Great people influence while communicating a vision, and collaborating effectively with others.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” (Jim Collins, author of the book: “From Good to Great”)

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With more than 23 years of experience and a vast professional network across Europe.

Wehry & Co., offers meticulous customized service to meet the unique needs of your business. We understand that finding the right senior leadership is crucial for the success of your organization. Our executive search professionals are experts in identifying and attracting top talent across various industries, including financial services, utilities, infrastructure, circular economy, processing industry, renewables, industrial services, maritime & shipping, and paper & packaging.

Tailored solutions for diverse industry challenges

At Wehry & Co., we understand that every industry faces unique challenges. That’s why we craft tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of the technology sector or addressing the dynamic demands of the financial services industry, our executive search strategies are designed to address the nuances of each field. Our approach ensures that we not only find candidates who excel in their areas of expertise but who are also the right fit for the industry’s specific challenges and the culture of the organization.

From Scaleups to Multinational companies: Executive-Search for every scale of the business

Wehry & Co. serves a broad spectrum of clients, from agile scale-ups to multinational corporations. We recognize that businesses at different scales and stages of growth require distinct leadership qualities. Our executive search process is flexible and scalable, ensuring that we identify and attract leaders who can drive success, whether in the fast-paced environment of a startup or the complex landscape of a global enterprise. Our expertise spans across various scales of business, offering every client a customized approach to executive search.

Employer Branding

The right employer branding shows what you stand for as an organization. To attract your client’s and your talent’s loyalty it is important to tell an inspiring story that explains your mission and company values.

Employer branding is not only limited to the history of its origins but is also built on the success stories and present experience of your employees. To build a vibrant Employer Brand this story must be authentic, credible, and relevant. Designing and maintaining your employer brand requires thorough research, time and continuous attention.


Employee Value Proposition - EVP

EVP stands for Employee Value Proposition. This is what you offer in terms of secondary benefits and facilities to your people so that you become a fun-place-to-work. If this fits the target group, it will be easier for you to attract talent and retain your current employees.

When your EVP is based on truth and you really promote it within the organization, you increase the dedication of new employees and reduce turnover in your workforce but this must be true

Management Team Audit

The purpose of a management audit is not to appraise individual executive performance but to evaluate the composition of the management team and its effectiveness to work in the interests of shareholders, maintain good relations with employees, and uphold reputational standards. People are more motivated, effective, and successful in work that is close to their true nature. This Audit helps to obtain an objective oversight of competencies in the team, and the lack of. The methodology is comprised of a Talent Assessment and 1-on-1 interviews. It is important to stress that the management does not assess performance of individual managers.

Succession Planning

When an organization implements a change strategy or makes an acquisition, it is referred to as a transformation. Such a change has direct repercussions on the culture of an organisation. Culture is the brand image of the organization, the company values tell your staff what behavior goes with it. We have plenty of examples where companies have excelled because staff and newcomers were taught (and often tested against) the company values and how to put them into practice. With our Culture Assessment, a Client gets a detailed picture of whether the culture (and values) contribute to the desired business objectives.

Leadership Coaching

We help Directors, Team Leaders and high potentials to work from a strong personal base. We look at both the conscious and the unconscious drives. This basis provides clarity about what you stand for and what the unique qualities are that you can use. From that authenticity you stand in your strength to give direction to others, and to be convincing. Based on that, you determine the strategy and lead your team and organization to success.

High-Potential development

We help prepare your high-potential employees for an accelerated career and succession to a leadership position. Talented individuals must be nurtured or they may run away. Talent that is curated generates loyalty and enthusiasm. They can lift or break your company culture. After all, talent attracts talent. They love what they do, because they are successful in it.

Training high-potentials means a multitude of activities, such as compency assessments, providing self-insight, coaching in leadership skills, interview techniques. We mentor them together with a board member (preferably). Incidentally, high potentials do not have to be working exclusively within your organization; we also identify and track prospective management potential outside of your  organizations.

Career Counselling

If you need career advice, a service especially for experienced professionals, we can help you reorient. Are you a professional whose biggest questions are “What’s available, what am I qualified for, and how do I get where I want to be?” This can be done in two ways:


We offer a free 1 hour session where we evaluate your most prominent competencies, interests and career aspirations. We discuss your current state and with our market knowledge we give you our realistic assessment of the current possibilities. On occasion we can organize a meeting with professionals in your marketplace. Sometimes we can introduce you to a client if we see a direct match. We can meet candidates who are exploring opportunities in the Netherlands via Google Meet.


If desired, we offer a more integrated approach to career advice, focused on your own personal development with the aim of bringing you closer to a desired and lasting career change. In three one-hour conversation sessions – with an interval of one or more weeks – you will delve deeper into the relevant opportunities offered by the external market. What is the current state of the market? What kind of competences, experience and mentality are required?

We charge an hourly rate for this guidance.

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