How to write appealing job descriptions

Research Wehry and Company

Steer clear of clichés

It’s critical to go above and above in a sea of job posts to set yourself and your client apart from the competition. You may establish a unique brand identity by adding a distinctive tone of voice to your job description.

Copywriting abilities are required for job titles that grab attention quickly. By taking a minute of their valuable time, they ought to pique the interest of your intended audience. Find out what keywords are being used in Google by doing some research on SEO.

Compose a gripping narrative outlining the “why” behind your client’s business. Make sure to provide clear answers to potential applicants’ “why” queries by using an effective narrative style.

Call attention to the company’s mission and discuss how they plan to contribute to the market today. Provide an unbiased explanation of the corporate culture and the reasons for employees’ motivation to represent their employer’s name or trademark.

Avoid using excessively technical jargon as this may turn off certain applicants. If you want to reach more people, make your language simpler. Convert difficult words and phrases into simple language.

By avoiding gender-specific terminology and speaking in a gender-neutral manner, you can eradicate gender bias. By identifying and replacing discriminatory language, tools like can help you promote inclusivity in your job descriptions.

Write a succinct but informative job summary. Imagine it like a Japanese garden, where each plant and stone has a purposeful placement. Provide a list of the role’s critical, non-negotiable elements and utilize clear, easy-to-read language. To attract potential individuals, emphasize training possibilities, room for recognition, and monetary and non-monetary incentives.

Emphasize the Work and Company Benefits. Highlight the role’s unique selling propositions and highlight the company’s competitive advantages, growth prospects, and potential market impact. Call attention to the company’s competitiveness.

Have Reasonable Aspirations. Don’t overwhelm applicants with a long list of prerequisites. To be clear, distinguish between “good-to-have” and “must-have” talents. Candidates should feel confident after reading the description and saying, “Yes, I can.” Remember that applicants want more than just a pay raise; they want to develop in their careers.

Emphasize Benefits and Perquisites; go into detail on benefits like health insurance, stock options, workplace incentives, hybrid working arrangements, and leave policies. Emphasizing the perks of the position might draw applicants and increase their interest in it.

Use royalty-free graphics of images from or, better yet, from your own website to make the JD visually appealing. To make content easier to read, use formatting strategies like bullet points and stay away from long text passages. Use semi-formal emojis to enhance the JD’s aesthetic appeal and increase candidates’ engagement.

Incorporate calls to action (CTAs) to entice applicants to investigate your company’s newsletters, social media pages, and website. Giving the hiring manager’s contact information instead of just HR’s encourages applicants to get in touch and ask questions that can spark fruitful conversations and advance the hiring process.

Lastly, provide a thorough explanation of the selection process, including who will be engaged, the number of interview rounds, whether an assessment exam will be administered, and when the position is expected to be filled. Calendars of candidates and expectations must be monitored.