Why you should not hire a Rainmaker Salesman to generate long-lasting clients.

While every company dreams of hiring a rainmaker salesman, in some sectors companies will be better off hiring a hunter-farmer who is more focused on building long-lasting client relationships. We all know that acquiring new clients is harder than selling more products to existing clients.

Essentially rainmakers make it rain with opportunities for a company. A rainmaker is typically someone who has an exceptional ability to bring in large deals or clients consistently, often through their network, charisma, or strategic thinking. They have a knack for closing significant deals and may even bring in new business without actively selling in the traditional sense. However, they have a significant flaw that companies need to be aware of. Rainmakers are deal-driven, not relationship-driven. They will stay with the customer as long as the transaction is on the table, but then just as easily move on to a new customer.

Hunter-Farmer salesmen, on the other hand, focus on long-term growth and client satisfaction. They are proficient at selling products or services, often through effective communication, persuasion, and relationship-building skills. They excel at nurturing leads by understanding customer needs, but their impact might be more focused on individual transactions or smaller accounts than a rainmaker.

Learn to identify a hunter-farmer & a rainmaker and distinguish them by looking at specific characteristics and behaviors associated with each role.

Rainmaker in Sales:

Exceptional Networking Skills: Rainmakers typically have extensive networks within the industry or market they operate in. They effortlessly build and maintain relationships with key decision-makers and influencers.

Strategic Thinkers: They have a knack for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that others might overlook. Rainmakers often possess strategic insight into market trends, competitor movements, and client needs, allowing them to position themselves as invaluable resources.

Deal Closers: Rainmakers excel at closing large deals or securing significant accounts. They possess the charisma, negotiation skills, and persuasive abilities necessary to win over clients and secure high-value contracts.

Consistent Performance: A key characteristic of a rainmaker is their ability to consistently bring in significant business for their institution, whether through new client acquisition, expanding existing accounts, or securing lucrative partnerships.


Hunter-Farmer in Sales:

Balanced Approach: Hunter-farmers excel both in acquiring new clients (hunting) and nurturing existing relationships (farming). They have the versatility to switch between these roles depending on the needs of the business.

Relationship Builders: Unlike rainmakers who might focus more on transactional deals, hunter-farmers prioritize building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients. They invest time and effort in understanding client needs, providing personalized solutions, and delivering exceptional service. Customer-Centric

Focus: Hunter-farmers prioritize the needs and satisfaction of their clients. They are proactive in addressing issues, providing support, and identifying opportunities for upselling or cross-selling.

Steady Growth: While hunter-farmers may not always close the largest deals or bring in massive clients like rainmakers, they contribute to steady, sustainable growth by cultivating a loyal client base and driving repeat business.


To identify a rainmaker in sales you will often see that a Rainmaker changes employers within short time frames because they are always looking for “new” business opportunities. They are extroverts, highly attractive, and know the art of seduction. High bonus levels incentivize them. On the other hand, Hunter-farmers are often less extrovert, or sometimes even introverted, and remain longer employed with companies. Strong client relationship is their capital and retention bonuses better incentivize them with longer vested periods.


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